Initial Brief

Teljoy, a long standing client of Ninja, were seeking to re-develop their e-commerce website to be user friendly, modern, and include new functionality to bring their website in line with top e-commerce websites around the world. Their primary requirements were as follows:

  • A modern user experience that is geared to lead generation
  • Tracking and analytics that allow Teljoy to view insights and increase conversion rates
  • A scalable platform that is sustainable in the long term
  • The ability to update and manage the system by Teljoy’s internal marketing department
  • Integrations into their internal IT systems

Enter the Ninjas

The following was implemented for Teljoy:

  • A fully responsive website was built using PHP and Laravel
  • All functionality scoped for phase 1 of the project was developed, and a road map of future phases has been put in place
  • Advanced tracking and reporting has been put in place to ensure that Teljoy always have the information they require
  • A full CMS was developed, allowing Teljoy’s marketing team to easily log in and update or export any aspect of the website
  • API integrations were developed to ensure that the website communicates effectively with Teljoy’s internal systems
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