Website development is our passion, we live and breathe code.

Our craft is our pride, our excellence is in the execution.

We do both Web sites and fully integrated web applications.

Website development is our passion, our developers live and breathe code and we pride ourselves on delivering top quality websites on time and on budget.

Don’t let the term “website” fool you, we develop everything from basic static websites to full custom developed web applications and mobile apps.
Wordpress Websites
The world is going online. Consumers who once looked to directories and magazines for your service are now searching for you on the internet.

Having a modern website is not only the most powerful tool you have to establish credibility and fortify your brand, but it is essential to have for finding new customers and growing your business.
World Class Design
We don’t believe in pre-made templates. Your brand is unique and, in our humble opinion, that needs to carry through properly to your website.

We start by strategizing with you to get a real understanding of your needs, after which our ninja creative team will design first draft of your website. We work with you on that draft until you love it and sign it off into development.
Superb Development
Once you’ve been wowed by the design, we move into development. We start by creating a customised Wordpress theme exactly as per your unique design. At this point, we ensure that your website will be fully responsive (mobile friendly), lightweight, and SEO friendly. Once the theme is complete, we setup your Wordpress website, install all the relevant tools and functionality you require, and load up all your pages and content. Once the development is complete, we load the website to a test site where you can preview it and give final changes before we go live.
Custom Web Application Development
Wordpress websites are great, but we can do those in our sleep. We love a challenge and we really enjoy building custom web apps. We’ve done everything from e-commerce sites to web portals to cloud SaaS platforms. We develop according to lean principles, initially building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), and rapidly iterating from there. The concept of an MVP is to build the core of your product as quickly and cheaply as possible and gather data to learn what needs to be built and/or changed from there. This is an internationally recognised model that works increasingly well in places such as Silicon Valley and allows you to manage your project effectively.

If you have a spec and just need a team to turn coffee into code, we’re happy to do that. What we do best however is helping you develop the right spec for the MVP and beyond. Whether you use us or not to actually build your product, we pride ourselves on our world class IT consulting service, ensuring a top quality build on time and on budget. We do system architecture, database design, system wireframes, and development documentation.

If you have your own internal developers, we can work with your team and oversee your development.
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