Paragon Interiors

Initial Brief

Paragon Interiors, a corporate interior design firm, were initially seeking a new website. After consulting with the Ninja team they saw the value of coupling their new website with a marketing strategy. Their requirements were as follows:


  • a top quality modern website design that shows off Paragon’s work and capabilities
  • a lead generating website that will bring new business into the company
  • a marketing strategy that will educate prospects, establish Paragon as an industry leader, and therein being in new business


Enter the Ninjas


The Website

The following was put in place for Paragon Interiors:

  • Due to the nature of Paragons business, there were plenty of high quality images available, allowing for a very visually appealing design.
  • The website was made fully responsive to look great on smartphone, tablet, and desktop.
  • A portfolio section was added to show off imagery, case studies, and testimonials of their top clients.
  • A 90 second video was created to feature on Paragon’s home page, explaining what they do and featuring video testimonials from top clients
  • A strong focus on conversion and education with downloadable e-books requiring users to enter their email address to access



Due to the nature of Paragon’s business, most prospects are high value and need to be nurtured through a process of education and trust building before they are ready to convert. As a result, the following has been put in place:


  • Content – E-books were developed (and continue to be developed on an ongoing basis) to educate prospective clients and get them thinking about the intricacies of moving offices
  • Email Automation – personalized automated email workflows were setup to be in touch with prospects and lead them through the buying cycle (from awareness to consideration, and lastly to purchase) based on their interaction with the website
  • Social Media – grow a community of clients, prospects, and raving fans. Social media is used as a platform for Paragon to showcase their work and re-enforce their industry leadership position
  • SEO – through having a well optimized website that is geared for lead generation, Paragon is now undergoing an SEO strategy to ensure they are found on page 1 of Google



Paragon Interiors have grown an incredibly successful company through referral business and strategic partners, however thanks to a lead generating website and an integrated marketing strategy, they no longer have to rely on external forces to keep bringing new business in.

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