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NinjaTech has been the most outstanding and best marketing company I have ever had the pleasure of working with and their results have been outstanding. Our Google rankings were nowhere 2 years ago. Since Ninja took over our SEO, the rankings of our various software products on Google search are now always on the first page and often in position 1, in spite of stiff completion from both local and international products. Our website activity has increased 10 fold and the number of unique visitors to our site has increased 3 fold since Ninja took over the management of our site and SEO.

The NinjaTech team is an absolute pleasure to work with and nothing is too much to ask of them. They are totally professional and have a highly talented team covering all aspects of social media such as website development and optimisation, SEO, twitter, linked-in etc. Dynamite comes in small packages!

I would highly recommend NinjaTech to anyone looking for a talented, can-do, totally reliable and results-driven service provider.

Jonathan Crisp, Director, IDI Technology Solutions, BarnOwl

We have been and are still impressed with NinjaTech's excellent level of service delivery. They have exceeded our expectations on what we could have hoped to achieve by having them manage the launch of our new website and on-going digital marketing campaigns. They have been a pleasure to work with and the team is always professional. We look forward to doing business with them.

Lauren Paul, Marketing Manager, Paragon Interiors

Thank you to the NinjaTech team. They were true partners in our business. They were always able and willing to assist in any way possible, even by making suggestions for our business unrelated to their work scope. I think they have an amazing talented social media team, and would recommend them. They understood our vision for the business and literally run our social media platforms, requiring very little from us. Fantastic team!

Shantal Michael, CEO, KardioFit

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