Initial Brief

Fraudcheck is a company providing instant online credit checks, pre-employment vetting, and various verification services. As part of a company re-brand, they chose to completely re-vamp their website. The following was required:

  • A modern look and feel that portrays their new corporate identity and is simple to navigate
  • Ability to run all the Fraudcheck services through an online portal (integrating Fraudcheck’s API)
  • Consulting with Fraudcheck’s internal development team to simplify their system and build a faster, easier to integrate, API
  • Develop and implement a full digital marketing strategy after development of the website

Enter the Ninjas

Website Development

The following was implemented for Fraudcheck:

  • Design
    • A responsive modern design that is fully functional on both desktop and mobile
    • Develop new copy that explains Fraudcheck’s services and speaks the correct tone to relate to their client base
    • An easy single-step registration process
    • A well designed pricing page simplifying and explaining how billing works
    • Strong calls to action to sign-up and purchase
    • Simplified login portal making it easier for users to use Fraudcheck’s services
  • Development
    • A lightweight custom-built PHP website, ensuring consistently fast speeds
    • Integration to a credit card payment gateway
    • Integration to Fraudcheck’s API to allow users to register, login, run checks, and view reports

On-going Marketing

In researching Fraudcheck’s market, it was found that although there are several strong competitors in this field, no competitors had an easy-to-use portal that any user could register on and run an instant check. This effectively opened big un-tapped markets with both Individuals and SMEs. A strategy was put in place, and the following has been set in place:

  • Content Strategy
    • Downloadable e-books guiding SMEs in best hiring practices
    • Blog posts detailing instances of fraud and prevention methods
  • Automated emails
    • By implementing personalised automated emails, clients and prospects were able to effectively communicate with the Fraudcheck team and as a result conversion rates increased as well as the average purchase price.
  • Social Media
    • Over a period of 3 months, social media engagement increased by 500%
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
    • Over a period of 3 months, 60% of Fraudcheck’s targeted keywords were on page 1 and 80% were within the top 2 pages of Google.
  • Google AdWords
    • Over a period of 3 months, Fraudcheck’s CPA (cost per acquisition) from Google AdWords decreased by 50%


With a working strategy in place, Fraudcheck have already seen tremendous results in just a few months and are on target to hit even greater results in months to come.

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