App Development Project Scoping – How to Ensure That You Get What You Pay For
There’s a perception that software developers are like builders – they never get the project done on time, it always costs far more than budgeted, and the end-product is riddled with problems/bugs. Does this sound familiar? Unfortunately, we regularly hear stories from our clients about the uphill battle that they previously had with other developers before they came to NinjaTech. The fact is that every software development company struggles with scope creep (where projects take longer/ cost more to build than anticipated), but at NinjaTech we make use of a detailed in-house scoping service to mitigate this and ensure that all our clients’ projects are built on-time, on-budget, and to scope. In our experience, scope creep generally occurs as a result of the following:
  • Miscommunication/ insufficient communication between the client and the software developers, resulting in the developers not fully understanding the client’s requirements.
  • The client has not fully thought through all aspects of the system and realises functionality gaps mid-way through the project.
Before we start any large-scale development project, we always first do a scoping session of 2 – 3 hours with the client. In this session, we run through the details of exactly what the user journey will be, what is involved in every piece of functionality, what the development road map will look like in terms of initial build and future phases, etc. We find these sessions are not just about us understanding the product requirements, but it also forces the client to think through parts of the system that hadn’t been fully considered and allows us together to solve problems and evolve the scope before the project starts. Once we finish the session, we develop a comprehensive scope document which will lay out every page, email, algorithm, and any other functionality in the system. The scope document will also include comprehensive timelines, hours and estimates which we stick to rigidly. Once signed off, every member of my team that is working on your project receives a copy of that scope and becomes very familiar with every element that they will need to build. Any questions or uncertainties are discovered and resolved upfront and allows us to ensure that the project goes as smoothly as possible.

Even if you do not use NinjaTech to develop your project, the document you receive from our scoping service is a huge asset which can be taken to any developer to serve as the blueprint of your project. Often it can be difficult to justify spending money on spec’ing the project, but we see it as the best up-front investment that you could make as it will make the difference of receiving top value for money on the actual development costs. We’ve seen it time and again how the scope document is the difference between a complex-coded app that gets altered a dozen times and takes ages to build versus a well-planned app that is coded to perfection and built on time.

Article by
Danny Nochumsohn
Co-Chief Executive
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