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Our Portfolio

Initial Brief

Teljoy, a long standing client of Ninja, were seeking to re-develop their e-commerce website to be user friendly, modern, and include new functionality to bring their website in line with top...

Accounting Made Easy

Initial Brief

Accounting Made Easy is a company offering accounting training programmes to individuals and corporates. They required a new modern website with the following requirements:

  • A user friendly website that is geared for...
Search Partners International

Initial Brief

SPi, a company specialising in executive placements, required a new website which was to be eye catching and different, yet still professional and easy to navigate. Their requirements were as follows:

  • A...
Paragon Interiors

Initial Brief

Paragon Interiors, a corporate interior design firm, were initially seeking a new website. After consulting with the Ninja team they saw the value of coupling their new website with a...


Initial Brief

Fraudcheck is a company providing instant online credit checks, pre-employment vetting, and various verification services. As part of a company re-brand, they chose to completely re-vamp their website. The following...


Initial Brief

KardioFit is a medical tech company providing life-saving services to people suffering from chronic conditions. They required a modern website with the following requirements:

  • A modern website that looks great on...
My World of Tomorrow

Initial Brief

My World of Tomorrow is a world renowned conference focussing on technology advancements in Africa and the world. They required a new website which would act as both an information...

Durban Day

Initial Brief

East Coast Radio Durban Day is an annual music event in Durban KZN where top musical talent around South Africa perform on a stage in front of thousands of people.

Alongside their...

Our Services



Develop a Ninja Strategy
We’ll provide a written marketing plan that analyses your current position. We want to understand what your purpose is and what does success look like to you? For your marketing efforts to be truly effective you have to know who you are talking to. We work best by taking what you already know, bringing some new insights...

Search Engine Optimisation
75% of users never scroll past the first page of Google search results. That means that if you are not on page 1 of Google, ¾ of your potential new clients are being taken by your competitors. Our SEO experts work night and day to grow your search presence...


Web Development
Website development is our passion, our developers live and breathe code and we pride ourselves on delivering top quality websites on time and on budget. Don’t let the term “website” fool you, we develop everything from basic static websites to full custom developed web applications and mobile apps.
Fully Responsive
We develop all our websites to be fully responsive and mobile ready, we make sure to devote our craft to creating a mobile experience that just works across all your devices and those of your clients so that you get the return you deserve on your digital presence.
Ninja Insights

B2B Marketing: What is content marketing and why you need it

B2B Marketing: What is content marketing and why you need it

The rise of the internet has changed the way businesses sell and people buy. To understand the importance of content marketing we need to first look at how buyer behaviour has changed.

In the days before the internet, buyers were relatively uninformed and sales people held all the…

5 Keys to B2B Lead Generation Success: How to Drive Demand for your Software

If you are in the business of selling software or technology to the corporate world, you are probably very familiar with the challenges of long sales cycles, difficulties in getting in front of decision makers, and trying to find partners who understand the complex nature of your business and products. Sales isn’t was it used to be – cold…

What is a realistic digital marketing budget?

When it comes to expenses in business and in life, people are used to fixed pricing where item X costs Y. You know exactly what you’re buying and how much it costs, making it easy to budget and account for. Unfortunately marketing is different, people call us all the time and ask how much it will cost them to…

App Development Project Scoping – How to Ensure That You Get What You Pay For

There’s a perception that software developers are like builders – they never get the project done on time, it always costs far more than budgeted, and the end-product is riddled with problems/bugs. Does this sound familiar? Unfortunately, we regularly hear stories from our clients about the uphill battle that they previously had with other developers before they came to…

Will the #DeleteFacebook movement impact your marketing campaign?

If you keep an eye on the news, you’ve probably noticed the international movement where many high-profile individuals are deleting their Facebook accounts and encouraging others to do so as well. This movement was sparked by the news that there had been a data breach where Cambridge Analytica, a company that had been hired by the Trump campaign, harvested…

What our clients are saying

Adele Lewis, MD of Fraudcheck

Fraudcheck has been contracting with the Ninja team for a couple of months. Our experience has been a pleasant and professional one, where the Ninja team proved to be energetic, young entrepreneurs with exceptional innovative ideas, and delivers above expectation.

Jeff Miller, CEO of Grovest

We have eventually found a team that understands and delivers tech, marketing and commercial solutions. Well Done Guys!!!

Shantal Michael, CEO of KardioFit

Thank you to the Ninjatech team. They were true partners in our business. They were always able and willing to assist in any way possible, even by making suggestions for our business unrelated to their work scope. I think they have an amazing talented social media team, and would recommend them. They understood our vision for the business and literally run our social media platforms, requiring very little from us. Fantastic team!

Lauren Paul, Marketing Manager of Paragon Interiors

We have been and are still impressed with Ninja Technologies excellent level of service delivery. They have exceeded our expectations on what we could have hoped to achieve by having them manage the launch of our new website and ongoing marketing campaigns. They have been a pleasure to work and the team is always professional. We look forward to doing business with them.
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